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Serving Metro Detroit since 1955, our expertly-trained technicians deliver full-service repairs on all overhead door and opener systems.


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When your residential or commercial door system has problems, be sure to contact a trusted door service that can properly inspect your equipment and handle all necessary repairs and maintenance. Since 1955, J & G Garage Door and our expertly trained technicians have helped residential and commercial customers keep their overhead door systems running at peak safety and performance. From thorough inspections, repairs, and replacement of parts, we have a quality and affordable solution for you!

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Common Door Problems We Can Repair

There are a variety of inter-connecting parts on a commercial or residential door, and over time these parts will deteriorate and require repair or replacement...

Broken Door Cables

The cables are what holds the tension of the springs and keeps the door level. A broken cable or a cable that has come off due to an unlevel door, will make the door come off track and it will be significantly unlevel in the opening. Broken cables or off cables will make the door inoperable. A common way that a cable breaks, (other than normal wear and tear), is water that sits at the bottom of the door will cause the cable to rust at the loop.

Broken Door Springs

The springs are what picks up 99% of the door's weight. When a spring breaks, it will make a very loud bang, and the opener should not be able to pick up the door much. If the door only has one spring, the cables will spring loose as well. You can identify a broken spring by noticing the separation of the spring. However, there are some doors that have the springs located inside the torsion bar. Standard springs have a life expectancy of 10,000 cycles. If you have two springs and one is broken, we highly recommend replacing both. If you have two broken springs, then that means that you have been operating the door with a broken spring and your opener force setting are not set properly.

Broken Door Hinges

Bad hinges can cause the panels of the door to not line up properly. Also, it can cause the door bind when making the turn around the bend of the track. Hinges that hold the roller on the ends of the door, will generally be the common hinges that go bad. They will start to crack from the screws that hold it to the panel. If you notice bad hinges that do not hold a roller, they are most likely broken due to bent panels.

Broken Door Rollers

Bad rollers can cause a lot of noise during door operation. They can come out of track causing the panel to fold into the garage. A bad roller will have the wheel come completely off the stem or it will be very wobbly at the stem.

Failing Bearings & Pulleys

The bearings and pulleys are what makes the door run smooth. When a bearing is bad, the door will operate very rough, making quit a bit of grinding noise.

Bent or Cracked Door Panels

In serious cases, the panels will cave in when the door is in the up position. And when the door travels toward the bend of the track on the way down, the bent section will not make it around the bend and can fold in backwards. In less serious cases, the sections will bow in slightly when the door is in the up position. And when the door is traveling around the bend of the track on the way down, it will pop back in position causing the door to shake. This issue is more common with non-insulated garage doors. It is caused by a dent or some kind of damage in the panel where the panels meet, or at the top panel which is being controlled by the opener. It will start off as a dent and then turn into a crack. If this problem is not taken care of quickly, the cracking can move to undamaged panels, causing your door to be un-repairable. If it is caught early, a support can be added to the door, extending the life of the door significantly.

Common Opener Problems We Can Repair

Door openers consist of many electronic and mechanical components that must work in harmony for your garage or overhead door system to work properly...

Bad Circuit Board

Bad circuit boards are not always easy to identify. Usually in the case of a bad board, the opener can completely lose power, (usually during operation). Usually caused by a power surge.

Bad Safety Sensors

Bad or unaligned sensors will only affect the opener when traveling downward. The only way to get the opener to close the door is to hold down the inside wall control button until it has completed the down cycle. Usually they are just out of line, however a power surge can cause them to be inoperable. Having these sensors is federal law and cannot be bypassed.

Bad Drive Gear / Sprocket

In the event of a bad drive gear, the opener will run but will not operate the door. In the event of a bad sprocket, the opener will make a grinding noise during operation. The chain or belt will be noticeably loose. Also, the door may not stop at the normal position. In a more serious case the entire sprocket will come off causing the chain or belt to come completely off as well. The drive gear and sprocket comes as an assembly and is generally replaced at the same time.

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